What is Climate Agenda?

When we talk about the Climate Agenda, we refer to the issues and challenges related to climate change and the socio-environmental crisis we are currently experiencing at national, regional, and international levels.

Why Climate Agenda?

The need to work on the Climate Agenda arises from the fact that Consciente Colectivo was born in a context of a triple crisis: socioeconomic, political, and environmental. The emergence of global youth socio-environmental movements reflects the growing awareness and urgency of youth, demanding that global warming be addressed. In this context we seek not only to address the political issues of the climate crisis, but also to delve deeper into its impacts in countries such as Argentina where millions of people live in poverty. We believe it is vital to recognize the interconnection of the different climate issues and topics in order to think about and demand comprehensive, ambitious and sustainable policies.

What do we do at Agenda Climática?

We communicate climate policy
We seek to make climate policy visible in a clear and accessible way through content on social networks to follow up on these policies at the national level, as well as the country’s commitments at the international level, focusing on adaptation to climate change, as well as action for climate empowerment because we understand that without information and environmental education it is not possible to have a participatory citizenship to co-create the necessary policies.
We work in a network

We understand that the solution is collective; therefore, we work with various actors in the climate field, such as organizations, governments, academia, and others to strengthen processes, initiatives, and build alliances.

Why is it important for young people to participate in climate policy decision-making processes?

We are part of the generations interested and involved in participating in politics because we understand that it is the best tool for social transformation. In a context of increasing denialist discourses on the climate crisis, we seek to contribute new perspectives, vindicating the historical militancy of our country and working towards a fair, possible and sustainable country model.

The climate crisis is having and will have an increasingly significant impact on our future, so it is crucial that we have a voice in the decision-making that will determine policies and actions to address this crisis. Global responsibility also plays a fundamental role, since as a region (Latin America) we represent only 8% of global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The context demands urgent commitments and given the slowness of significant progress, we understand that the participation of youth in these spaces is crucial to work seriously on national and sub-national policies in the country, as well as a greater ambition of Argentina in regional and international spaces that give the appropriate response on the basis that all countries are responsible, but not to the same extent.

In our years of activism and advocacy work, we recognized that one of the gaps that exist has to do with the lack of accessibility to information and environmental education to better understand the different variables of climate change. We believe that increasing the critical mass of people working on these issues is essential and that is why CLIMEA was created.

What is CLIMEA?

CLIMEA is an educational platform designed specifically for young people, aiming to provide clear, concise, and collective access to climate information. Through CLIMEA, we seek to bridge the gap between technical concepts about climate change and the need for information to actively participate and engage. CLIMEA streamlines and optimizes data search by democratizing and centralizing quality climate information, offering an interactive and didactic way to access this content.