What are wetlands?

A wetland is an area of land that is either temporarily or permanently inundated due to both natural and artificial causes. Approximately 21% of Argentina’s surface is occupied by wetland ecosystems.

Why are wetlands important?

Wetlands are crucial ecosystems for:
  • Local development.
  • Adaptation to and mitigation of climate change.
  • Host a high biodiversity.
  • An estimated 40% of the world’s species inhabit or breed in wetlands.
  • Receive, store and release water, as well as regulate its flows.
  • Regulate temperature, mitigate the effects of rainfall and droughts.
  • Form the basis of local economies, where access to freshwater and food provides opportunities for productive development, recreation and tourism.

What is the issue?

The main problem facing these ecosystems is their accelerated degradation and destruction on a global scale. It is estimated that in the last 300 years, 87% of wetland surface has disappeared, and since 1970, 35% of wetlands worldwide have been lost.

In Argentina, the deterioration of wetlands accelerates each year, primarily due to economic activities lacking environmental regulation:

  • Intensive livestock farming.
  • Agricultural activities.
  • Mining development.
  • Real estate business.

As a country, we do not have legal instruments or public policies to regulate these activities for the conservation and preservation of wetlands.

What do we do at Consciente Colectivo?

Activá el Congreso (Activate the Congress): We manage the digital citizen participation platform “Activate the Congress,” demanding that our representatives in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation pass the Wetlands Law.
Campaign to include the Wetlands Law in the presidential debate:
March: We participated in the presentation organized by former deputy Leo Grosso (FDT – Buenos Aires) of the text with a unified and consensus-approved opinion.
July: Video explaining the history of the Wetlands Law in Congress.
August: Intervention in the open forum #YourVoiceForTheWetlands where different civil society leaders participated, demanding progress in the legislative process and action from the National Congress.
September: Plurinational Action for Wetlands together with the University Network for the Climate Crisis


Prior to the debate on various Wetlands Law projects in a joint Plenary of the Environment, Agriculture and Budget Committees of the Chamber of Deputies, various young people from Latin America joined in demanding a Wetlands Law from the Argentine Deputies at COP 27.

December: We participated in the joint plenary of the Environment, Agriculture and Budget Committees of the Chamber of Deputies, which issued a majority opinion on a project presented by Juntos por el Cambio.
Debate Series We initiated the debate series “And from this, how do we emerge?” in which we aimed to present different perspectives on two current issues and foster a broad and constructive public debate. The first debate was “Wetlands on the table,” featuring Leonardo Grosso (National Deputy and President of the Committee on Natural Resources and Conservation of the Human Environment), Gladys Gonzalez (National Senator and President of the Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development), Graciela Castro (Humedales Multisectorial of Rosario), Enzo Vignale (agricultural producer), Julián Monkes (environmentalist) and Nicolas Carlino (Coninagro counselor). The debate was moderated by Javier Goldschtein (specialist in socio-environmental issues).
Information Meeting – National Deputies: Ariana Krochik and Mijael Kaufman Falchuk represented Consciente Colectivo as speakers at the Information Meeting of the Committee on Natural Resources and Conservation of the Human Environment.
Document “One Million Signatures for the Wetlands Law”: We delivered the document “One Million Signatures for the Wetlands Law” to deputies and senators in Congress.
Artivism After delivering the document “One million signatures for the Wetlands Law” to deputies and senators, we, along with the signing organizations, carried out an artistic intervention on the Congress gates.
Twitter campaigns demanding #WetlandsLawNOW. Instagram: “Wetlands in the Spotlight” campaign with the aim of delving into why we need a Wetlands Law NOW. So, an idea emerged: What if we tour different wetlands in the country to see the situation of each one?
We are part of:
  • ReNaHu (National Wetlands Network)
  • “Wetlands Law NOW” Network